Immortal Love

As I lay on my bed I wish we were immortal,
So I could love thee forever,
Aye I am in love with thee with all this love running through my veins,
This love I have for ye, is undefined neither by science nor human,
I wonder if ye love me like I love thee,
If thee would do what I do for ye,
I’d never do anything to harm thee,
All I want is for thee to be overwhelmed with my love,
For thee to be happy,
I love every bit of thy beauty ye possess,
Thy voice ye possess brightens me up, makes me fall in love with ye all over again,
I hope ye ain’t holding back thy love ye has for me,
Drown me in thy love, aye drown me in thy love as it’s where I want to buried, in thy love,
. . .love me like I love thee, treat me like I treat thee, “clingy, sprung I may be but I don’t care because I love thee more than anything”


Broken Feelings

I’ve expected too much,
Got broken too many times,
Loved too much,
Got hurt too many times,
I’ve hurt others before, though it was never my intention to,
I’ve made mistakes,
I’ve tried to fix them,
I’ve put myself before everyone else before,
Not anymore,
I put her before me,
As I’m put after everything and everyone else,
I try to come first, I always finish last,
I’ve considered how she’d feel, put myself in her shoes,
But the sensibility isn’t mutual,
I rather not have her hurt by my actions,
But the sensibility isn’t mutual,
As, I try to pick up and put together every broken piece of my feelings,
I hope she changes,

The Beauty _ Your Beauty By Charlotte Skosana

Like the true woman you are
Your beauty isn’t shallow
One word “Hello”
turns into a deep conversation
Opening the can of where deep , rich and precious beauty is treasured
You are your heart
You are beautiful
Your heart is beautiful
Beauty is manifested in you

my eyes seize the opportunity to capture such beauty
My eyes are left in awe as you never cease to give beauty sex
The beauty lies not in your ass only
The beauty lies in your eyes too
The beauty isn’t limited by the lack of thy height but
The beauty continues in the fullness of thy breasts
In the curve of thy lips when thy smiles
In your most secret places
As I explore them mentally & emotionally
Wishing to take it the physical level
Yes a step I’d like to take with you
As I was saying
Your beauty continues in your most secret places
Your beauty continues
Deep down

Deep down in the core of my heart
Forget desperation
Forget my high libido for you
Deep down
Evaluating you
A thought strikes my mind
Like your smile strikes my heart
Your story might not be as beautiful as the cover of the book
Your story might not have a me in it
Your story might be a shakespearian gone bad
Your story might be a bitter read
I wish to take that physical step out the door
And as your smile strikes my heart again…
” Pass on I don’t wish to know more of you”
The little was bitter enough

A Mouthful Of Words

A mouthful of words we said,
Neither of us heard what the other said,
We are broken down by crushes which are not meant to be there,
Crumbling and crashing down we went,
Back up we can’t climb,
The string, rope that supposed to support us back up is tearing,
Getting worn out,
I try to pick you up but you let e fall,
Maybe I’m not holding on too tight,
Maybe you’ve let me fall into the black whole,
Guess you’ll never see me again,

Guitar With One String

Guitar with one string I am,
One tune I play,
One song I sing,
A song of love I sing,
A tune I play to serenade you,
Guitar with one string I am,
Without you I can’t play,
Without you I can’t sing,
Without you I’m just a piece of board which utters no tune,
Guitar with one string I am,
With you I can play,
With you I can sing,
With you I can utter I love you every single play,
Every single tune,
Guitar with one string I am,
As you’re my one and only string,
The only one I need to stay in tune,

Beauty In Me (Life) by Gugu Gwebu

Closing my eyes hoping this is a nightmare,

I’m heavily asleep buh my mind awaken,

I know I should wake up and maybe then I’ll rewrite the nightmare will turn into a dream,

I open my eyes, it turns out it was me fore seeing the future…

I was prepared not to expect forever, buh to embrace now and that would be completion of our heart’s desires…

That whatever happens, we always hope for happiness. 

Life has changed, and will never be the same buh life won’t leave us, we own life…

You’ll always have a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean on, a smile to remind you that there’s still beauty…in me