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Think big, think simple and never give up.


​ Day 15: Three pet peeves


I’ll just dive into this one and list them.
  1. When people are late or make me run late because I’m waiting for them. I just can’t stand that or people who are late, it’s just the way my mom raised me. She woke us up early in the morning to make sure we don’t run late for anything. And that, in turn, made me get annoyed when people were late. I understand African Time but sometimes we have to right on time, not sometimes but always.
  2. People who don’t cover their mouths when they cough. My goodness, how does one even begin to do such a thing? Who raised you child? Ewww.
  3. When groups of people take up the entire side of the street. MOVE!!! It’s like they’re the only ones walking there, like where the heck should we walk then huh?!?!
And those are my Pet Peeves.

​ Day 14: Your life in 7 years


Hmm, my life in 7 years…I see myself having changed careers. Doing what I fell for, not my wife, but the job I fell hard for. I see myself advancing well as a human, man, a husband and Lover maybe.
Buuuuut…things don’t really go as we planned them or want them to go. They rather go the way God sees the best fit for us. I could plan these beautiful years and just for them to go in a different direction. Whatever my life may turn out to be in 7 years, I’ll accept it as it is. I hope it’s a life I’ll enjoy living and which will help me help others too in turn, whether it’s my family and friends or even strangers.
So my life in 7 years is will be what God will make it be, I’ll work on it too.

​ Day 13: Your commute to and from work/school/etc.


My commute, sigh, well it’s somewhat of a mission because of traffic but it’s also adventurous to me. I drive to work while singing along to my random music and not conversing with anyone. I drive around looking at people wondering if they too do all these weird things I do while driving, I find myself making sound effects when I see someone about to bump into someone. Or, or when I turn at a sharp curve. I make this weird sound effect as though I’m playing a racing car game.
On my commute and from work I sometimes stop at the traffic light/jam and converse with the people selling things by the road or even the homeless people too. Sometimes I just roll up my window because I don’t know what to say to them or I don’t have anything to give to them.
It’s often eye opening when you drive around and see all these different faces and facial expressions. You see happy faces, emotionless face and sometimes sad ones, and I usually wish I could do something about it. Try to comfort them or whatever, but being the person that I am, I tend to look away because I don’t know how that person would take me if I just whipped out a paper and wrote: “Everything is going to be okay”. I just end up saying those words in my heart hoping they’ll feel them.

​ Day 12: Two words/phrases that make you laugh


“Al Dente” is one hell of a phrase I could never understand and it somewhat makes me laugh. Don’t get me wrong I know how to cook my pasta, it always comes out perfectly. Never too soft nor too hard, it’s always “Al Dente”, hehe. “Al Dente” aka “Firm but tender” almost sounds like an oxymoron to me.
Another phrase that makes me laugh is “I/Let me call you right back” reason being 90% of the times we never really call back the people we tell we’ll call right back. Heck, we totally forget that we said we’ll back, or we never really meant to call them back.
Hehe, well those are two phrases that make me laugh.

Day 11: Your current relationship; If single discuss

I’ve been dreading writing this, but hey I have a challenge to complete.
So, my current relationship, hehe, I’m single. I’ve been single for well over year now. My previous girlfriend broke up with me because I didn’t reciprocate the efforts and love she put into our relationship, though I tried my best and wished it was communicated to me that I was slacking. Anyway, we’re here now…and I’m single.
I attempted to move on a couple of times but I’m either too slow, too picky or my baggage is too much to carry. In those times I tried to move on, there’s one who somewhat took my heart by the balls. I fell for her hard and thought or rather felt like she too had fallen. We hung out a lot, and before we went far I decided to unpack my baggage, it wasn’t a lot but one and it scared her off. She instantly switched from wanting to be in a relationship with me to just having me as a friend. In all the times I tried to move on she was the only one I had let into my bubble, close enough to touch my heart and it’s hard to move on from that, as her prints are still on my heart. Oh well, that went up in flames.
I ended up trying to rise from the fire like a phoenix but eish it’s hard, I had met someone who I had a good time getting to know, a bit of a nerd but I was too slow for her. She wanted me to just jump into a relationship with her but I could do that. I don’t if it was because she let me hit (her idea, she initiated it) the second time we hung out or not. I don’t know if she felt like us having been together was equals to us getting to know each other fully. I kept on asking her out on lunch dates and all so I could get to know her fully but she kept making up excuses for not meeting up with me. Ignored my calls but had the strength to ask me what we were after refusing me a chance to get to know her fully. I then proceeded to stop trying to make contact with someone who didn’t want me to get to know her but wanted an instant relationship.
Sigh, now I’m here. in my little corner, chatting to people, or rather one person who I hope will accept me as I am. Oh, and I have my friends bugging me to date this friend of mine who they feel would be the best person for me, but I can’t do that because I don’t want to gamble with our friendship it’s too precious to me and either way I don’t know if she’d want to date me. I love her though, a lot. She knows me better than most people and ain’t never turned her back against me when I unpack my baggage.
Okay, that was a mouth full.  🙂

Day 10: A fruit you dislike and why 

Tomato, I dislike tomatoes with a passion. I feel like they contaminate my food with their seeds when they’re raw, they leave bread wet and all. If I were to have a meal with tomatoes in them I’d prefer not to taste them cooked or not. 
That’s the only “fruit” from those I tasted that I dislike. 

Day 9: Your feelings on Ageism

Ageism, to a certain extent I’m for ageism. I know it’s hard being discriminated against because of your age, but for certain things I understand why we experience it. 
Most people at certain age make reckless financial decisions, they don’t think twice about spending that grand or two on things might better their lives. They just want to live in the now, have fun, pop bottles and let tomorrow’s problems worry about themselves. All they want to do is have fun despite knowing that their pockets can’t handle the pressure they put on it. They do all of this because they see their peers who somewhat have generational wealth they inherited from their fathers (or who were lucky and got a big break and started racking it in) have fun, spending money like there’s no tomorrow. Financial institutions will then go ahead and start discriminating against them because, well, they can see that this certain age group can’t handle their finances. How should they trust someone like that? How will that person be able to pay back that loan? In that aspect I for ageism. 
Except for when it comes to jobs, you find that one is discriminated because they don’t have that 3 years working experience for an apparent entry level position, but that very person could actually out perform someone who’s been working longer than they have. These people don’t even make it to the interview stages, they just screen their résumés and decided that they aren’t qualified instead of interviewing them, picking their brains to actually find out how much they actually know. Yes, there are chancers out there but I feel there are more people who are more than capable of doing the job than chancers who claim they can. 
For now, I’ll just leave my ageism thoughts there, though there are lots I could write about…