Immortal Love

As I lay on my bed I wish we were immortal,
So I could love thee forever,
Aye I am in love with thee with all this love running through my veins,
This love I have for ye, is undefined neither by science nor human,
I wonder if ye love me like I love thee,
If thee would do what I do for ye,
I’d never do anything to harm thee,
All I want is for thee to be overwhelmed with my love,
For thee to be happy,
I love every bit of thy beauty ye possess,
Thy voice ye possess brightens me up, makes me fall in love with ye all over again,
I hope ye ain’t holding back thy love ye has for me,
Drown me in thy love, aye drown me in thy love as it’s where I want to buried, in thy love,
. . .love me like I love thee, treat me like I treat thee, “clingy, sprung I may be but I don’t care because I love thee more than anything”


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