Sucker For Love


I love to love and I love to be loved. A sucker for love you could call me,  but I can’t help it but love. I love receiving the type of love you get not from your mom but a partner. The type of love that leaves one breathless  keep wanting some more of it.

Is it still love if I love a day after my supply of love has been cut by my supplier? I mean is it still love if I loved less than a year after being through a heartbreak? I’m not the type that can’t stay alone but I love loving and getting love in return.

Yeah I’m a sucker for love but it takes me ages to love or even like someone to the extent that I want to be with them. Though I love to love,  I never waste it,  well I try not to.
I’m the type to write poems and act all romantic when in love for a special lady. No I’m not whipped I’m just a sucker for love,  I think.


The way I feel

I sometimes wake up feeling like going to the florist every day before we meet so I can get her her favourite flower, yes you read right her favourite flower.

I sometimes wake up feeling like making us lunch from scratch,  neatly make that sandwich,  add some juice and fruits and a picnic basket and simply go on a picnic with her. Lay down a throw, arrange our picnic and just have some nice “us time” away from everything.

I sometimes feel like hitting the kitchen with her,  cooking side by side,  you know cooking up a storm with her for the family and all.

I sometimes feel like going out go carting with her or so,  just for the fun of it because the movies are overrated.

I sometimes wake up feeling like spoiling my partner,  then it hits me that I don’t have one.

I sometimes realise that I’m too much of a dreamer,  my thoughts are full of romantic cheesy things but for her I’ll do all that. I’ll treat her like the Queen that she is.