Plain love?

i bought you a flower today, the moment i saw it, you came into mind, it filled me with joy only your presence gives me,


time though short is nothing but a mere word when i’m right beside you, creating memories that i playback like a cassette on repeat when you’re gone,


i am content, content with the none materialistic contents created from nothing but our love, with them i feel alive, with them i can feel love, i can feel God, in you i feel him,


every moment i spend with you i fall in love with you, fall as though it’s my first time, but the floor i never hit as in your heart i land, caught by your love, reminded that we’re in this together, for forever and a day,

past life…


in my past life, i loved you, i loved every inch of you, i’d do anything for you, i would walk a mile just to see your smile. but that’s in my past life,

my heart would skip a beat for you, dance to the rhythm of your love, drown in your love, intoxicated by it, but now, now it’s sobered by your the pain you fed it, the hate you forced on it,

in my past life, you were all i knew, your being was engraved all over my body, i was your reflection, i was equal you, we could never be subtracted nor divided,

in my past life i thought i knew love, i thought i knew you, i thought you were love but all i knew was nothing, i never knew you. you were never love nor was love you.

Thoughts of You


beep, beep, beep my alarm goes as another dream of you, another dream of us before we lock lips is interrupted. just as i thought we’d finally do it, and you’d be mine, reality happened and i came back to earth. but on my mind, you remained.

as i brush my teeth i catch glimpses of you the mirror, i find myself daydreaming about you, daydreaming about us with you fixing yourself up before you leave the house and i, well, i doing nothing but staring, star struck, admiring the beauty that is you…then i come back to light and i have to rinse my toothbrush and avoid making contact with the mirror, so i don’t have to see glimpses of you.

i enter the shower, slowly turning on each tap until I get the perfect temperature of water, with each drop that touches my skin i get flashes of you, in there, with me. as i scrub your back and i run my hands on your body as though i was inspecting it. gently caressing it, leaving goosebumps on your skin as drops of water run down your body until they hit the floor, i wake and finish off showering.

i dress fine like wine and smell of a cologne whose scent i hope you’d catch, one day. i drive, and imagine you, by my side, playing songs i’d sing with you, for you….beep, beep, a hooter goes i’m reminded to turn, and by my side, i look, and you aren’t there, anymore.