Day 20: Put your music player on shuffle and write the first three songs that play and what your initial thought is


  • Mobile Dixon ft. Pomakazi – Without You (Guitar Obsessions Mix)

I think I ought to give this DJ a chance and play his music. This song isn’t half as bad as I thought it would be. The song is actually nice.

  • Last Days Fam – That’s Love

I wonder what love is, maybe they know the answer to what love is. Maybe they can assist me in my introspection and help me connect with what I yearn for or rather point me in the right direction. And it seems like the love I need is above and not of this world.

  • Gabriel Garzón-Montano – Crawl (Instrumental)

Okay, this is rather mellow. Perfect for a Sunday. I could use with some of these tunes, I never knew instrumentals would go in more than the actual songs with vocals.


Day 19: Five fears that you have

Five fears that I have are:

  1. Fear of not being loved (Rejected). I don’t know why but this scares the living hell out of me. I try not think much about being rejected and all but I just can’t shake it off. It’s the main reason I don’t try get friendly with a lot of ladies just in case I end up falling for them and ending up being rejected.
  2. Fear of losing my parents. Well, I need not explain this.
  3. Fear of losing my job. Errr, yeah, this one too.
  4. Fear of being killed. I just fear pain hey, if I were to be killed I’d want it to be quick and painless.
  5. Fear of not living. I want to live man, I don’t want to exist I just wanna live. Happy, in love, oozing nothing but joy.

Day 16: Bullet your entire day

I’ve been lazing around and not finishing this challenge. Let me finish it.

My Entire Day:

  • Woken up around 6:30 am by my mom to prepare for work.
  • Cleaned up my car a bit because I didn’t want to take it to the car wash because the weather was undecided.
  • Drove my mom to the shops to buy my little brother some drinks.
  • Went to pick up my friend who I ended up leaving behind because he had just gotten back home in the morning and was still drunk.
  • Drove to work, faster than usual.
  • Spent a few hours at work but couldn’t get much done since it was a Sunday and well a few people work on Sundays.
  • Dropped off my colleagues at the taxi rank then drove to my flat.
  • Played some FIFA for hours before my flatmate arrived.
  • Went out to grab some Pizza because we were too lazy to cook.
  • I caught up on some series.
  • Lazing in bed finishing off my writing challenge before I sleep.

​ Day 15: Three pet peeves


I’ll just dive into this one and list them.
  1. When people are late or make me run late because I’m waiting for them. I just can’t stand that or people who are late, it’s just the way my mom raised me. She woke us up early in the morning to make sure we don’t run late for anything. And that, in turn, made me get annoyed when people were late. I understand African Time but sometimes we have to right on time, not sometimes but always.
  2. People who don’t cover their mouths when they cough. My goodness, how does one even begin to do such a thing? Who raised you child? Ewww.
  3. When groups of people take up the entire side of the street. MOVE!!! It’s like they’re the only ones walking there, like where the heck should we walk then huh?!?!
And those are my Pet Peeves.

​ Day 14: Your life in 7 years


Hmm, my life in 7 years…I see myself having changed careers. Doing what I fell for, not my wife, but the job I fell hard for. I see myself advancing well as a human, man, a husband and Lover maybe.
Buuuuut…things don’t really go as we planned them or want them to go. They rather go the way God sees the best fit for us. I could plan these beautiful years and just for them to go in a different direction. Whatever my life may turn out to be in 7 years, I’ll accept it as it is. I hope it’s a life I’ll enjoy living and which will help me help others too in turn, whether it’s my family and friends or even strangers.
So my life in 7 years is will be what God will make it be, I’ll work on it too.