Day 19: Five fears that you have

Five fears that I have are:

  1. Fear of not being loved (Rejected). I don’t know why but this scares the living hell out of me. I try not think much about being rejected and all but I just can’t shake it off. It’s the main reason I don’t try get friendly with a lot of ladies just in case I end up falling for them and ending up being rejected.
  2. Fear of losing my parents. Well, I need not explain this.
  3. Fear of losing my job. Errr, yeah, this one too.
  4. Fear of being killed. I just fear pain hey, if I were to be killed I’d want it to be quick and painless.
  5. Fear of not living. I want to live man, I don’t want to exist I just wanna live. Happy, in love, oozing nothing but joy.

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