Day 16: Bullet your entire day

I’ve been lazing around and not finishing this challenge. Let me finish it.

My Entire Day:

  • Woken up around 6:30 am by my mom to prepare for work.
  • Cleaned up my car a bit because I didn’t want to take it to the car wash because the weather was undecided.
  • Drove my mom to the shops to buy my little brother some drinks.
  • Went to pick up my friend who I ended up leaving behind because he had just gotten back home in the morning and was still drunk.
  • Drove to work, faster than usual.
  • Spent a few hours at work but couldn’t get much done since it was a Sunday and well a few people work on Sundays.
  • Dropped off my colleagues at the taxi rank then drove to my flat.
  • Played some FIFA for hours before my flatmate arrived.
  • Went out to grab some Pizza because we were too lazy to cook.
  • I caught up on some series.
  • Lazing in bed finishing off my writing challenge before I sleep.

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