​ Day 14: Your life in 7 years


Hmm, my life in 7 years…I see myself having changed careers. Doing what I fell for, not my wife, but the job I fell hard for. I see myself advancing well as a human, man, a husband and Lover maybe.
Buuuuut…things don’t really go as we planned them or want them to go. They rather go the way God sees the best fit for us. I could plan these beautiful years and just for them to go in a different direction. Whatever my life may turn out to be in 7 years, I’ll accept it as it is. I hope it’s a life I’ll enjoy living and which will help me help others too in turn, whether it’s my family and friends or even strangers.
So my life in 7 years is will be what God will make it be, I’ll work on it too.

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