Day 9: Your feelings on Ageism

Ageism, to a certain extent I’m for ageism. I know it’s hard being discriminated against because of your age, but for certain things I understand why we experience it. 
Most people at certain age make reckless financial decisions, they don’t think twice about spending that grand or two on things might better their lives. They just want to live in the now, have fun, pop bottles and let tomorrow’s problems worry about themselves. All they want to do is have fun despite knowing that their pockets can’t handle the pressure they put on it. They do all of this because they see their peers who somewhat have generational wealth they inherited from their fathers (or who were lucky and got a big break and started racking it in) have fun, spending money like there’s no tomorrow. Financial institutions will then go ahead and start discriminating against them because, well, they can see that this certain age group can’t handle their finances. How should they trust someone like that? How will that person be able to pay back that loan? In that aspect I for ageism. 
Except for when it comes to jobs, you find that one is discriminated because they don’t have that 3 years working experience for an apparent entry level position, but that very person could actually out perform someone who’s been working longer than they have. These people don’t even make it to the interview stages, they just screen their résumés and decided that they aren’t qualified instead of interviewing them, picking their brains to actually find out how much they actually know. Yes, there are chancers out there but I feel there are more people who are more than capable of doing the job than chancers who claim they can. 
For now, I’ll just leave my ageism thoughts there, though there are lots I could write about…


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