​ Day 6: Someone who fascinates you and why


I can’t say there’s a specific person who fascinates me, but I’m fascinated by people who go for their dreams without fearing that they are going to fail.
It’s something that has bothered me for a very long time and still is bothering me, that is why I haven’t achieved most things I thought I would have achieved by the age of 25 but I’m still grateful for those that I’ve managed to achieve and everything I have. Those who always go after what they love and believe me always fascinate me, they fill my heart with nothing but joy as the amount of courage it took for them to do that is immense. Despite the doubts, fears and or whatever obstacles they encountered they still went on and conquered their dreams. This is nothing less than fascinating to me.
That’s who fascinates me, people who go for their dreams.

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