​ Day 4: 10 Interesting Things About Yourself


Errr, this is going to be hard as I don’t find myself interesting at all. I’d like to think I’m an ordinary person who’s far from being interesting…but let’s see what I can come up with.
  1. I love to read, I read just about everything and anything. Especially when I’m in the toilet, I’d read the shit out of that Air Freshener can.
  2. I’m multilingual, I speak about 6 languages (English, isiZulu, Shona, Chichewa, a mixture of Sesotho, Sepedi and Setswana) and I’m trying to teach myself a few more languages like isiXhosa, French and maybe Xitsonga.
  3. Love is and will always be my Achilles heel. I just love to love and love to be loved.
  4. IT was never my first love, I loved computers and all while growing up but I never intended to study IT and turn it into a career.
  5. I found out I was good with words while I was in a Physical Science class and I was playing around on my phone, showed what I had typed to a friend of mine and he liked it, then I decided to try out this writing pieces thing. And here I am 8 years or so later.
  6. I have a minor case of OCD if there is such a thing, though I try to hide it a lot and slob away like the rest of these humans here.
  7. I love winter, especially when it’s overcast, I feel I’m more productive when the weather is like that.
  8. I analyze a lot, from the way people act or behave to their spelling and way of pronouncing things. I sometimes correct them in my head except for my friends, well sometimes I do it in my head.
  9. I develop crushes easily, though I never react to it.
  10. I don’t drink, I’ve drunk alcohol before but I opted to stop as I didn’t see a purpose for me to carry on drinking.

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