​ Day 3: Your First Love and First Kiss


My first kiss happened back in Fourth Grade, so, a friend of mine and this girl he was “dating” were talking and I overheard them talking about kissing, well rather they were talking about a different style (lamza/romie) of kissing (French Kissing). I pretended not to be interested in the conversation at first.
After school the 3 of us were chilling in class and they resumed their conversation, and I ended up asking what that style of kissing was because I only knew kissing as a pat on the lips. Out of nowhere this girl, my friend’s girl jumped on me only uttering two words “It’s this…” and she kissed me. And somehow after that kiss we ended up “dating” and that was how I got my first kiss.
When it comes to my first love I don’t know how to put it, I mean I’ve loved a lot and all loves were different from each other. We could say the first girl I dated was my first love, ever since my first kiss, our first kiss, we kissed a whole lot while we were still dating. We had our lil cute ups and downs, like this one time when she couldn’t decide who she wanted to be with, my friend or I. So we forced her to choose and well she chose me, cool, we dated til like Grade 7 when she accepted another guy’s proposal and didn’t bother to dump or whatever, so I went on with my life like nothing had happened.

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