​ Day 2: Your Earliest Memory


Most of my earliest memories are somewhat vague or rather incomplete, though there’s one which I still remember.
This one day while I was doing my first grade my friends and I were playing on the jungle gym after school had knocked off.
We were out there having fun, sliding down and the likes then this one friend and I decided to get on the monkey bars from opposite ends and well imitate what we saw on the MTN Gladiators.
Cool, we went on and did what Spider did and clung on to each other, or rather my friend clung onto me. Then I saw my transport approach and it was time to leave but my friend didn’t want to let go, there I am screaming at him to let me go because my hands were slipping off the bar and my transport would leave me behind but the guy didn’t budge. We both then fell down from about 2 metres high and I hit my head on the ground, no grass whatsoever just a hard solid ground. I immediately got up took my bag and ran straight to the transport.
All was well I didn’t feel anything wrong, then I arrived home and found my mom making sandwiches and I chilled on this old chair of mine as I watched her make me something to eat. She then gave me my sandwich, I took one bite and well it was amazing. I then decided to lay back and watch some cartoons then my vision became blurry and I began to vomit. Mind you I didn’t tell her what had happened at school, so she thought it might have been the sandwich but it wasn’t.
So there I was vomiting everywhere, my dad came back early from work that day and took me to the Dr, on our way there I just stopped vomiting and could see clearly again.
We then went into the doctor’s office but he saw nothing wrong with me, a few years later vision became blurry again and was told to get glasses but because of the price and all I never got them and here I am today still without glasses and well my vision isn’t that bad or even bad at all.
And that’s my earliest memory.

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