Day 1: Five Problems With Social Media

1. Everyone wants to be the “it” person, that one who gets those likes, shares and retweet. You know that shot of dopamine to help you reach that level of highness. 

2. People don’t share original ideas anymore, they resort to “stealing” other people’s posts and claim it as their own. I get that it’s on the public domain so those “words” that you post don’t belong to you anymore as soon you hit that post button. I wish we’d come up with original ideas and engage in constructive conversations or something that would open up one’s mind.  

3. People feel the need to be mean, they always try to find something wrong with whatever you post, despite it having being an innocent post. People feel the need to clapback at something that isn’t related to what they “think” it’s about. You’ll be pulled insulted and ridiculed for likes and/or retweets.

4. People live double lives, social media has made it easy for people to cheat, and scam people. You get catfished, ending up falling for someone who’s not really the person you think they really are or worse you get wowed by the words they spew on social media which is not who they really are but the total opposite. As for being cheated your partners end up sliding into other people’s DMs/inboxes and end up cheating on you because well they know it won’t be easy for you to find out. 

5. The last problem is well we lose the sense of being able to communicate properly with our friends, family and partners. What we text/post gets lost in translation and is received in a totally wrong way than what was intended. We’ve become slaves to social media and we don’t even know notice it or rather we choose to ignore it.
These are problems that I’ve encountered and might not what you’ve come across.


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