Thoughts of You


beep, beep, beep my alarm goes as another dream of you, another dream of us before we lock lips is interrupted. just as i thought we’d finally do it, and you’d be mine, reality happened and i came back to earth. but on my mind, you remained.

as i brush my teeth i catch glimpses of you the mirror, i find myself daydreaming about you, daydreaming about us with you fixing yourself up before you leave the house and i, well, i doing nothing but staring, star struck, admiring the beauty that is you…then i come back to light and i have to rinse my toothbrush and avoid making contact with the mirror, so i don’t have to see glimpses of you.

i enter the shower, slowly turning on each tap until I get the perfect temperature of water, with each drop that touches my skin i get flashes of you, in there, with me. as i scrub your back and i run my hands on your body as though i was inspecting it. gently caressing it, leaving goosebumps on your skin as drops of water run down your body until they hit the floor, i wake and finish off showering.

i dress fine like wine and smell of a cologne whose scent i hope you’d catch, one day. i drive, and imagine you, by my side, playing songs i’d sing with you, for you….beep, beep, a hooter goes i’m reminded to turn, and by my side, i look, and you aren’t there, anymore.


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