Good Man 

What is a good man? 

I found myself asking myself this question, well, rather I found myself asking myself if I am a good man, or maybe if I ought to ask other people if I am a good man. Then I asked myself again, why do I need to find out from other people if I am a good man or not, I, myself should know if I am or not. Someone else’s opinion about me isn’t what I am, someone could have it against you and paint you into something you’re not. 
In my opinion a good man, isn’t defined by the friends he hangs with, the car he drives, the type of job he has or the size of his pocket. A good man to me is far beyond the world’s standards. 
Deep down I know what I am, and I for one know that I am a good man. 
I am one of those good men that exist, I may not know about their characteristics but I know about mine. 
I am: 
Kind to everyone I meet and talk to and I for one don’t think I have an enemy. 

Loving, yes I love, heck I love loving like there’s no tomorrow. Made a few errors here and there where I limited myself from loving and well it left me hurt and all but it made realise that I need not limit my love for anything or anyone. I ought to give it out freely and as pure as it is. So yeah, I love to love you 

Honest, some may the fact that I’m honest but I don’t see why I should lie to a person to make them feel better. I rather be straight forward with you. 

Loyal, I don’t what to say but hey I’m just loyal. 

Respectful, I don’t care who you are but I’ll respect you. Even if you can’t/won’t respect me I’ll respect you, but just because I’ll respect you doesn’t mean I’ll just let you disrespect me with saying that a word. I voice out what I don’t find appropriate but with respect. 
That’s not all that I am, but I pray, I believe in God. I believe Jesus is Lord. I always try to live according to the Bible, though I know I’m not perfect and won’t get everything correct but I’ll keep on trying. There’s much more to me, and I’m far beyond the world’s standards of a good man. 
So, yeah, there are Good Men out there, we do exist, but there aren’t any perfect men. Though you could get one perfect for you. 

Good men do exist.


And I proclaim that I am a Good Man, and I’ll always strive to remain a good man. 


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