We look at the screen with teary eyes, and an broken heart;

With the hope that things will get better gradually dying, 
Sometimes we type a long message

We write out our thoughts as words filled with our feelings & soul;

We want to tell the whole truth, describe every inch of our pain as clear as crystal,

But then we clear it all for tears to fall down like rain;
Sometimes we say we’re okay, 

When feel like letting it all out and the truth is entirely different,

Sometimes we hide our pain to see smiles, hoping those smiles are contagious enough for us to catch them;

Sometimes, these times happen everytime

And we just forget about ourselves, time travel and get lost in time!
Sometimes we say things we don’t mean, We just speak so we don’t sound mean, painting smiles on faces when we wish they knew the truth;

Sometimes we happen to care too much, forget about ourselves and so we tell lies to hide our feelings, to hide our true faces. 


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