Can  I be the Homer Simpson to your Marge? Like never leave the room without saying how much I love you and…though that I may take a long time, and maybe a pat on your butt will do…too, that’s it.

Can I be the Clark Kent to your Lois Lane? 

As in, can I be your Superman, where my super power is to keep that beautiful smile on your face? 
Can you be the Pepper to my Tony Stark?

As in, to steer me in the right direction, as I hope so protect the one thing I can’t live without, You. 
Can I be the Shrek to your Princess Fiona? Have our happy ending with our imperfect perfections. 
Can I be the Fred Flintstone to your Wilma Flintstone? And let us rock our relationship bed. 
Can I be the Khal Drogo to your Daenerys Targaryen? And I promise to love you until the sun rises in west and sets in the east, until the rivers run dry and the mountains blow in the wind like leaves. 


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