Laptop with Rose
Virtual Date

Since I don’t have any plans for Valentine’s Day Can I have dinner with you? Just the two of us, we need not meet or anything, just read what I have to say.



Picture this. . .I ring you 20 minutes before we have to meet, just to assure you that I’m coming, I let you know just how beautiful I know you are. It doesn’t matter what you’re gonna be dressing as long as I make you smile during our date I know I would have made you dress the best attire anyone can ever have on. . .As we talk I’m already by the door with a freshly picked bouquet of Red Roses, I don’t let you know that I’ve been there for more than half an hour. . .


(. . .Desperation tendencies I know but hear me out please. . .)


I’m excited and nervous at the same time, I didn’t want to keep a beautiful lady waiting. . .I ring you again minutes later to let you know that I’m by the door. . .as the door opens sloooowly, my eyes capture a picture of you in a beautiful red number without missing an inch from all angles. I greet you with my voice down low trying to sound cute and you respond in your beautiful voice. . .I hand over the roses to you and you bend your head in a little towards the roses to have a sniff of their sweet sensational smell.


I ask you to come with me, and to bring along the bouquet of Roses. On our way to the have our date I play you soothe music to help you relax (well and me too but I won’t tell you that.).  I serenade you for a few minutes until we get to my place, I open the door for you and help you out of the car. . .as we walk into my place I ask if I could take the bouquet of flowers and you let me take it, once we get in I help you to the dinner table already half set up and I pull the chair for you and help you sit.  I take half a dozen of the bouquet I brought you and sprinkle the Rose petals on the table. . . I place 11 of the bouquet in a pot plant on the table and I’m left with one that I keep on my side of the table.


I leave you puzzled for a while, as to why I did that to your bouquet but I just laugh it off a little. I place two candles on the table to complete the set up, I then play some more soothing music as I go get you dinner that I prepared. We sit and eat, with you smiling through out the whole dinner. . .I get you dessert which I purposely placed in a single bowl with one silver spoon in it, I take the spoon and slowly. . .and gently dig into the dessert and bring the spoon of dessert closely to your mouth as you open it slowly and your juicy lips slooowly cover the spoon as you get a taste of the dessert and your eyes light up with enjoyment of it. You ask for some more and I feed you some more. . .


As you finish eating the dessert I take out a note and place it together with the last Rose of the bouquet and I slowly pass them to you. Open the Note and see that it’s a poem. . .you read it and you started smiling. . .moments later while smiling tears started rolling down your face, as you read the last line of the poem out loud to me. . .“This Rose symbolises my love for you, as long as it lives my love for you will never die.”. . .you smile and take the rose then you noticed that the last Rose was an Artificial Rose, you smiled and looked at me as you ran out of words to say. . .


(That’s it from me folks the story carries on in your mind, picture how it ends. . .Have a lekker Valentines Day)


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