Love. . .My Definition or Not.

Neither one of us really know love, maybe we are just familiar with the idea/concept of love.

Do we honestly know love?
A few shares of I love you here, a few shares of I love you there but have we experienced love?
A good morning text from your significant other, topped up by a I miss you afternoon text, closed off by a I love you call.
A few in between chats here and there, a few good laughs but is it love?

God told us to love one another as he has loved us, but do we do that?
Do we forgive our partners when they have wronged us? Yes I mean cheated on us?
Love forgives but that’s sometimes out of our powers.
Do we hold our feelings back when we see our better halves with their opposite sex?
You do know that love is never jealous right?

I could go on, and on, and on about what love is and isn’t, busy analysing things we claim are love but that would be wrong of me because love doesn’t judge.
Love is God, actually God is love.
That little tingle you feel in your stomach when your lover, slo. . .owly walks towards you and holds you by your hand and tells you that they love you. . .that’s love.
That joy you get in your heart when they make you smile like no one has ever did before that’s love. It’s true love when what they do to make you happy is returned to them, may be

like Sir Isaac Newton once said in his Newton’s Third Law that, For every action there’s an equal but opposite reaction

meaning you return the love to them or may not be equal.

So go on love, it’s the month of love, don’t hold back. Let’s love one another like God said, even though our love may mot be equal to his love for us of giving his one and only son to die for our sins.


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