The “King” of Smartphones has Fallen


I remember the days when BlackBerry was on top of the Market, being thee Smartphone to own. Apple had nothing on BlackBerry.

Fast forward into the future and BlackBerry is hanging by the thread. Over taken by Apple and Android devices. Though still number one in South Africa, it’s slowly losing users, slowly drifting into 3rd position.

I for one think BlackBerry is losing its customers due to the lack of applications on its BlackBerry 10, the battery life and freezing of the OS 5/6/7 devices. It’s losing its customers in South Africa due to the fact that BlackBerry 10 doesn’t have “Unlimited” data plan, service providers “Shaping” their BIS and that most Android entry level phones are affordable, and have more battery life and DON’T FREEZE when compared to BlackBerry legacy devices, well they’re not entirely to blame for them losing subscribers in SA, I blame service providers for “shaping” BIS, for that I blame “US” as users and “abusers” of the “Unlimited” data plan.

“Imagine how many people would’ve bought a BlackBerry 10 device in SA if it had an “Unlimited” data plan, and also imagine the damage one could do with the speed of BlackBerry 10 and Unlimited internet.”

I’m not even sure if BlackBerry can come back up during these currents events it’s going through, I think the only way it could come back as a contender for the Best Smartphone is if partnered with Android, and produced something amazing. At least then it would have enough applications to keep one entertained and glued to their BlackBerry, til then I don’t think it can keep people interested. If they don’t go Android, it’s going to take something drastic for them to come back up.

Well I know CrackBerrys who are too loyal to BlackBerry don’t want to admit that BlackBerry has lost this fight. Sure BlackBerry 10 is cool, but let’s admit it, it can’t come back now against Android or even Apple.

The “King” has fallen, but will he rise to the “occasion” again?


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