Words I Never Wrote

As your time comes to an end I’ve come to appreciate you more, I’ve always wanted to be there for you with you. Get to know you better, sit by your side and listen to you share your stories is something I longed for.

Now all I’ll be left with is glimpses of what could’ve been priceless. Glimpses of something that could’ve been picture perfect. 

I always have thoughts about you, thoughts about us but that’s what they’ll remain as.. thoughts. I always wanted to share my stories about you with my friends, but what can I share when all I have are glimpses of you. Glimpses that aren’t so clear. 

I feel like shedding tears for you, but I can’t as I never got to love you the way I wanted to. I want to shed tears for you, but in my life you never came in. By my door you stood, stared at me and left. Maybe it was I who stood by your door, maybe it was I who kept me from letting me love you. 

I wish I visited you more often, I wish I loved you more than I could’ve, I wish your sense didn’t have to leave. I wish your thoughts stayed sane. I wish I could help you be yourselves again. 

I hope God hears the cry from my heart and helps you sane again, I hope he lets me be with you for a while for me to get to know you better. 

I love you, I Love You More than I should have Loved You


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