Smartphone War or is it?

Seems like a day doesn’t pass with Android, BlackBerry Or even iOS users getting a shot at each other.

Seems like this “Smartphone War” is no longer between “Smartphone Brands” but their users who are constantly comparing features, with user saying that their Smartphone is more superior than the other. But is it really?

I mean look at the new OS (Operating System) updates of all the Smartphone Brands, they all steal something from one another. Maybe “steal” is way too harsh, let’s say they “borrow” a feature with no intentions of returning it, they take it and use it better (sometimes) than their opponents.

Let’s take the newly released Smartphones (HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5 and BlackBerry Z10, or should I say Android, iOS and BlackBerry 10)
– HTC One somewhat stole its look from the BlackBerry Z10. But it enhanced it by adding speakers to it.
– BlackBerry Z10 which “supposedly” stole its look from JiaYu G3 or is it Motorola DROID X? Well I don’t know but they look alike.
– iPhone after claiming that Samsung stole its designs or whatnot, stole from Samsung or should I say Android. It will “surprisingly” have about 7 features that resemble features that Android has. To name a few: The Way It Multitasks, the way one accesses the notifications, the way one Unlocks it. But they used these features differently from Android / BlackBerry 10 as some may say. You can read about it here ( iOS 7 Feature Compared )

If one looks at these Smartphones differently and forgets about their brand names, you’ll see they’re almost quite similar. I think come 2015+ all these phones will be same or they’ll probably run on similar OSs and all with the differences being their manufacturers. I mean they’ll even have BBM, it’s only a matter of time until iMessenger or something that belongs to an OS becomes commercially available to other OSs.
Oh and as Picasso once said

Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal

guess that’s why they steal from each other.
And Next time before we “claim” that our Smartphone is better than the other, let’s look at what we our Smartphone stole from them. And let’s put our preference aside and compare feature by feature without being BIASED.


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