BlackBerry 10 vs Android / BlackBerry Z10 vs Sony Xperia Z “In My World”

I was a BlackBerry die hard fan or you would’ve called me a CrackBerry. I was never into BlackBerry until I started using my friend’s 9700 Bold, since then I’ve been hooked I’ve been moving from BlackBerry to BlackBerry now I’m on BlackBerry 10 well BlackBerry Z10 to be exact.

I’ve been using the BlackBerry Z10 for about 3 months going 4. Before I got my BlackBerry Z10 I was craving to use it a lot, I wanted to “Flick, Peek and Flow” through the new OS. Now that I have it I think I’ve done all the “Flicking and Peeking” that I wanted to do, I just don’t know what to do anymore I seem to have run out of the cravings maybe because of the lack of applications. The apps that are free and I probably wanted to use everyday are Android Ports, I loved the fact that I can use Android apps on my Z10 but they don’t run smoothly like they do on Android devices. Well for a normal user that wouldn’t be a problem I mean they probably wouldn’t see anything wrong with it, but I feel it I hate the fact that I can’t use BlackBerry 10 gestures to navigate in the app itself.

I hate the fact that I have to pay for native apps when about half of them are free to Android devices, some BlackBerry 10 native apps are the BEST like Blaq for instance, it’s the most amazing Twitter Client/app I’ve ever used.
I had a chance to use my friend’s phone and I have to admit that from the moment I held his Xperia Z I fell for it. It ran its apps smoother and better than my Z10, it processed its Videos better than my Z10 and had a more clearer picture. It was better than my Z10 in a lot of dimensions.
Which made me think would I leave BlackBerry 10 for Android?  Uhm maybe, Why? Because Android has more apps that are free that I’d love to load onto my phone. I won’t lie BlackBerry 10 has the best keyboard on a Touch Screen phone but lacks the right apps.
It can side load the apps like Instagram but it has conditions, if you logout you can’t log back in you have to work around it using an “Android phone ” to link Facebook with your Instagram account then you can reset your password and login.

It may be hard for a lot of BlackBerry users to admit this but Android devices are the best devices in the market right now, look at the Galaxy S IV, HTC One and Xperia Z. The BlackBerry Z10 can’t compete with these devices, it can try but it will be crushed when it comes to the camera and processing power oh and apps. I hope the next Software updates are going to improve the Camera of the Z10 as it’s not that powerful for my liking, I hate having to edit pictures so they look good or editing them so I can have Grayscale pictures. I know BlackBerry 10 is still a new OS but it could’ve done better, way better but maybe it might improve as time goes by.

The only reason I might stay with my BlackBerry Z10 is BBM and my Data Plan since buying Data these days is expensive and I can’t use this data plan on Android devices.

I always thought BlackBerry was going to come back with a bang and over take Android but it seems like it’s going to be a while before that happens.

I don’t mean to offend anyone but this is just my opinion, PLEASE DON’T CRUCIFY ME. I love my Z10 but I wish it was like other Android devices. With a better camera and all.

And feel free to comment.


4 thoughts on “BlackBerry 10 vs Android / BlackBerry Z10 vs Sony Xperia Z “In My World”

  1. Dude, forget both those phones, HTC One, GS4 and Note 2 are the best. Moreover, once Samsung announces when I can upgrade to the new Jellybean 4.2.2, my Note 2 will run like the GS4.

    1. I don’t know why but I don’t feel the HTC One but it seems like the better choice. GS4 is just amazing but I’m not a Samsung fan but if I were to choose between GS4, Xperia Z and HTC One I’d probably go for Xperia Z since it’s Water resistant and all. But I’m going to decide haven’t made a decision but when I do I’m going to sell my Z10. And I want a darn good Camera phone and Xperia Z has the best that I’ve seen so far after GS3. Note 2 is cool but too big for my liking my pockets are too small for it to fit in.

      1. Makes sense. I too was not a Samsung fan until now. Water resistance sounds cool and all but I’ve never ever, ever, had an incident with gadgets and liquids. And Samsung has made that come back bb was supposed to make. With cameras, the Note 2’s makes GS3 look like child’s play since the screen is brighter. I don’t really see a difference in image quality anymore since most phones are 1080p HD screens.

      2. True the Full HD screen hides the differences. I too have never had an incident with gadgets and liquids but I just want to be safe that’s all lol. But I might end up going for the GS4 or HTC One.

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