War Zone



My body a war zone,
missiles launching from my brain to my heart,
my heart stepping on land mines hidden by my brain,
BOOOM!!!!! Welcome to the real world my heart was greeted by my brain,
watch your step, take cover you never know where the next missile or land mine will be,
my ears throwing grenades at my heart,
mouth uttering lovely words sent by my heart in a form of flowers,
received by a deaf ear, in the trash can they go. . .
feelings mixed well like oil and water,
my heart doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, joy and pain,
as one is disguised as the other, only a few are real, but which,
my heart typing but nothing makes sense,
words flying over the paper in a form of a poem or a piece of crap,
thought of you as i wrote this but what does it matter as my heart is going into cardiac arrest and yours will never feel it gone


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