Bittersweet World

Bittersweet world we live in {Comma} sucking on Mother Earth’s breasts hoping to get grow away from sucking her breasts {Comma} a child of this world I will not be forever {Period} Father Moon always coming by once a day but looking down on me trying to give me hope for tomorrow because today is already being wasted, a better future I can have {Period} With my sibling Stars guiding me from going astray as I don’t know where to go but in time they shoot away turning into wishes I once had but now gone {Comma} every road I try to take has already been used way too many times {Comma} failure {Comma} sorrow disguised as lifts on the side of this path I fear I’ll take the lifts unwanted by people of this world {Period} Uncle Sun showing up once a day yet constantly trying to brighten up my paths but cross paths with my father moon {Comma} my paths darkened by my enemy Eclipse called criticism appearing as motivation {Period} Bittersweet world you are where my people keep shooting away {Comma} showing up once a day or bringing out my enemy {Comma} Bittersweet world you are {Period}


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