One last beg, #TrueLove

#TrueLove having each other’s backs,
But which back do you have if you keep piercing it with pieces of your broken promises?
I’m sprung, devoted all my time & attention in thee,
If that ain’t #TrueLove, I wonder what it is?
I was told time invested in the ones you love is never wasted,
I invested time in a hard life lesson that nothing is forever even “#TrueLove” leaves,
One last beg I want to do, but where do I start?
“Fight for what you love” I heard,
But what should I do? When uttering “I Love You” doesn’t phase you,
Guess this is my last beg,
Take my hand, let’s walk this road together,
I promise to never let go,
Because I believe this is #TrueLove,


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